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my friend.

He is very nice, my friend he is. He is a fish, he gives me discount whenever I go and buy refreshments from him. He is a very smart fellow he go to the museum and catch girls, saying he is neighbor with a very rich romanian whore. He has diploma from internet, he is doctor in fine farts. He went to Congo one day and had his penis stolen by the harry potter fans. He is trying for 2 weeks to find the movie triple x. I like my friend cause she goes to toilet with me when I pee. I like that very much cause I like very much to talk when I pee. My friend is very gay, he met E.t. in the closet. He is so gay he watches movies with Winamp. He believes strongly, he believes there is no God. He always goes on Sunday’s to church, at every funeral he can. He likes the Bible cause it is thick and he has a table with a shorter leg that the others. She tells people she like trees cause they green, and money are green especially the 1 lion one. He like to read book cause pages wipes very god afterwards. He scratches her ass very often cause she has poopy crust. She say there are 2 kinds of men, normal men and wemen who are men that go on rollercoaster and make “weeeeeee!”

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